Graduating from a 24 week boot-camp

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12th February 2021 was a date that felt like it was always on the horizon. But then all of a sudden it started creeping towards us. It was the date of our boot-camp graduation. After 20 weeks of lectures, intense learning, pair programming, code…

Recently I have been on a journey to a new career path. That journey has thrown up some twists and turns with one of the most interesting twists being the introduction to React. And the instant connection I felt when using it.

What is React?

The standard definition is that it is: an…

16 weeks in to the Technigo frontend boot-camp, there have been highs, lows and a few melt-downs! Here are some of my experiences so far.

From the very first day, we were coding. Assigned into teams of 10 people on our two intro days (we keep the same team for…

Ch-ch-changes” — not my favourite David Bowie song by far, but it’s certainly the most relevant to describe my 2020. While the rest of the world were busy trying to adapt to a changing world, I made some changes of my own.

How I ended up at a coding boot-camp—

Jamie Cook

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